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  • Kyrgyzstan: Stalin’s harvest

    , by The Economist

    The latest outbreak of violence in the ethnic boiling-pot of Central Asia will take generations to heal
    A PLAINTIVE siren wails as a government unit, invisible in the darkness, patrols. “We will shoot anyone on the streets. Military curfew. Do not leave your homes,” comes the clipped command in (...)

  • Kyrgyzstan – Fueling the Afghan War

    , by ROSTON Aram

    In Napoleon Bonaparte’s day an army may have marched on its belly, as the French emperor famously quipped, but the modern-day American military campaign in Afghanistan needs not just food but also fuel. Diesel for the MRAPs and Humvees, aviation fuel for the planes and helicopters—that’s the (...)

  • Kyrgyzstan’s Islamist Blowback

    , by TRILLING David

    When he was arrested again two years ago, Ravshan Gapirov was not surprised. A popular defense lawyer for Muslims charged with extremism, Gapirov had long angered authorities in Kyrgyzstan who see Islam as one of the greatest dangers to the country’s stability. He spent most of 2008 in prison, (...)

  • Kyrgyzstan: Popular insurrection opens new page of history

    , by MALEWSKI Jan

    Braving the bullets of the forces of repression, thousands of demonstrators seized the “White House”, seat of the central authorities and the presidency on April 7, Bichkek, in Kyrgyzstan.
    The demonstrators, first gathering to protest against the arrest of oppositionists, were attacked by the (...)